We collaborate with other experts and academic institutions. Our partners include:


Atlas is a boutique law and advisory firm specializing in legal and regulatory services for a range of environmental and climate law topics. Atlas assists governments with international rule-making and with implementing international and European environmental laws and provisions; works with investors and development agencies from around the world negotiating environment finance interventions; and assists the private sector with applying domestic, European, and international environmental regulations while engaging in the global climate and environmental commodity markets.

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Climate Focus is an advisory company committed to the development of projects and policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate carbon credits. Climate Focus helps project developers, investors, buyers of carbon credits and policy makers succeed in the challenging and continuously evolving carbon market.


Profafor SA is based in Quito, Ecuador, and provides services in the AFOLU sector in South-America. Founded in 1993 it is one of the most experienced project developers and service providers in this sector.market.

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TerraCarbon LLC is a consulting and advisory firm that specialises in the AFOLU sector of the carbon market. TerraCarbon works with project developers and buyers to develop and transact AFOLU credits within both Kyoto and non-Kyoto markets.

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The scientific non-profit, non-governmental Institute for sustainable development of landscapes of the earth (DUENE e.V.) was founded at the Botanical Institute of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald. The main objectives of Duene are supporting sustainable development of landscapes, protecting endangered species and habitats, and conserving and developing threatened natural and cultural landscapes. Duene is a centre of excellence in peatland science.


Restore America’s Estuaries is a USA-based nonprofit organization established as an alliance of eleven community-based conservation organizations working to preserve the network of estuaries in the USA. RAE is one of the first organizations in the USA aiming at implementing wetlands restoration and conservation to mitigate climate change.


Scope14+ is specialized in forestry and the land-use sector, in particular in developing countries and in relation to (mitigating) climate change. Scope14+ assists projects, organisations, businesses and governments that aspire to make a difference by working in an environmentally responsible, socially aware and economically sound manner; Scope14+ is based on the philosophy that we are all part of one system, entailing nature, water, earth and air.